Graphene EM substrate

Graphene EM (Electron Microscopy) Substrate (for Optical & Scanning Electron Microscopy)

Bio-imaging is a technique that visualizes changes at the various molecular levels that occur within cells. Bio-imaging is used in disease diagnosis and treatment research, and high-resolution and clearer images are important for quantitative analysis. MCK tech developed a graphene-based EM substrate to measure high-resolution, clearer images. The excellent electrical conductivity of graphene allows images to be measured without charging effects, even without a conductive coating of bio-specimens. And the excellent transparency of graphene can also be used for complex image analysis such as correlative light-electron microscopy (CLEM)

01 Feature

Graphene EM substrate

The conductive coating process is omitted, allowing the microstructure of cells to be observed at high resolution.

EM substrate can also be used for optical and fluorescence image measurements.

Various substrates such as flexible film and rigid substrate can be used. (custom order)

EM substrate can be easily cut to any size and used. (film type)

EM substrate can also be used for SEM analysis of various materials other than bio-specimens.

Hydrophilicity control with plasma treatment

EM substrates can control the degree of hydrophilicity suitable for bio-specimens through plasma treatment.

Graphene functionalized with patented technology maintains high conductivity even in oxygen plasma treatment. (10-2020-0073970, 10-2018-0155894)

02 Product Details

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Generator

Plasma generators for hydrophilic control of EM substrates can be purchased separately.

Compatible with 1”x 1” to 1”x 3” glass substrates primarily used for biological sample analysis.

Plasma system operating in atmospheric conditions, eliminating the need for auxiliary equipment such as rotary pumps.