Graphene Metamaterials

Graphene Metamaterials

Metamaterials are engineered structures which can exhibit constitutive properties not found in natural materials. Metamaterial manufacturing technology can enhance the functions of existing materials and give them new functions. A representative example is the invisibility cloak using a negaive-index metamaterial. Graphene is still considered an attractive material in various R&D fields due to its diverse and excellent properties. By introducing metamaterial manufacturing technology to graphene, the possibility of development into an innovative material is expected. MCK Tech Co., Ltd. supports the development of fine patterning technology and mass production services for the development of graphene metamaterials.

01 Fields of R&D

Defense materials: Stealth patch

Development of optically transparent microwave absorber design technology according to complex multi-layered structure

Specific microwave band absorber pattern design

Absorber design according to specific microwave frequency

Bio-Materials: Bio-sensor & EM substrate

Development of patterning technology for fabrication of nanostructured patterns

Resonant frequency control according to pattern structure design.

Sensor pattern design according to the resonant frequency of the target material

Metamaterial pattern design to improve the conductivity and hydrophilicity of graphene

Industrial materials: Vehicle window

Development of meta lens to solve 5G radio wave interference from vehicle glass

Designed to minimize the transmittance/ reflectance of materials for 5G

Metamaterial design for visibility.